Zimbabwe UFO Mass Sighting Contactee Speaks Publicly For The First Time [Video]

After the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting, the children involved in the encounter near the town of Ruwa gave concise, cohesive accounts of what they experienced. They drew pictures of the UFOs and the beings they encountered. The event was incredibly well documented, and rose to world-wide notoriety when the BBC covered the unbelievable mass sighting. BBC officials interviewed the children involved soon after the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting, and the kids were even interviewed by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack.

Throughout all of their interviews, the children’s accounts of their unbelievable experiences remained consistent, and since then the Zimbabwe mass UFO sighting has become one of the most well-documented and unexplainable sightings/encounters to ever take place.

One of the children involved in the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting was Emily Trim. She rose to fame along with the UFO sighting and was one of the children interviewed by the BBC and Harvard psychiatrist. According to Emily, what she experienced as a child in Zimbabwe has had a profound impact on her life to this day. She says she is still directly impacted by her interaction with the UFO and the beings she says were inside. She says that, as a child, she got within feet of the beings, and that the creatures that came out of the Zimbabwe UFO gave her “messages” as part of the encounter.

Since her childhood encounter with the beings during the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting, she has drawn and painted images that have been labeled “mysterious and beautiful.” According to Emily, her artwork is a “manifestation of the messages she received” from the beings inside the UFO.

Recently, Emily Trim decided to come forward with her experiences for the first time as an adult. She spoke at a recent Alien Cosmic Expo, and there she told visitors about what she experienced as a child witness to the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting. While logically unbelievable to many who don’t believe in UFOs, Emily’s emotional description of what she claims to have experienced when she was a young child is both moving and profound.

It’s also very believable, despite the mind-boggling subject matter.

As Ghost Theory reports, a couple of nights before the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting, locals reported some strange weather phenomena and unexplainable disturbances in the atmosphere. The inexplicable lights in the sky were reported to a South African branch of MUFON before the school children reportedly experienced one of the best documented UFO sightings and alien encounters the world has ever known.

“Wednesday, 14th September, 1994, was an exciting night for Southern Africa. Round about 20:50 to 21:05 hours, a pyrotechnic display of some magnificence appeared in the almost clear night skies of this part of the continent.”

What do you think? Do you think that the UFO encounter in Zimbabwe was legitimate? Do you think the children involved were (and are) telling the truth? Could the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting have been a hoax or some kind of mass hallucination?
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UFO on Mars?

After a long break from bizarre stories we are bringing to you a report on an anomaly that UFO hunters claim is a drone or unmanned flying vehicle of some sorts being used by someone for reconnaissance mission on Mars.

The image with the alleged UFO was captured by NASA rover Curiosity this month itself [raw image here] and according to YouTuber Streetcap1 who has a history of pointing out anomalies in photos of Mars, the black dot in the sky is an orb or a drone or something of that sort flying around the rover monitoring its activities.

Chances are that the orb could be from NASA that it has flow secretly and hasn’t revealed anything about it to us. The second possibility is that the orb could be of alien origin and it is monitoring the activities of NASA rover.

While previous anomalies have rather been instances of Pareidolia, this one is unique for it doesn’t need anyone to imagine what it could be. It’s right there in the raw image – a black dot in the sky above the NASA rover.

Quite a few views of the video have pointed out that the same anomaly isn’t present on photos takes by other camera’s onboard the rover from a different angle just a few moments, but Streetcap1 is quick to claim that the UFO may have flown past the rover or may have been out of the view of the camera and hence other cameras on the rover were not able to capture it.

Whatever it may be, but UFOSightingsDaily’s Scott Waring believes that it is a non-alien orb created by NASA/USAF and that they are exploring Mars and recording alien artefacts using the orb. He also claims that the orb may very well have the capability of lifting small objects. While the theory is fascinating, we would urge our readers to take it with a pinch of salt.